Conceived as an antiphonal duet between a bassoon and proportional transformations of its sounds, “Just of Temperament” explores the relationship of tones “natural” to the instrument to those of one of its most “unnatural” emblematic tunes - i.e. the opening melody of Stravinsky's _Rite of Spring_. Specifically, in dialogue with the (s)lowest pitch playable by the bassoon, eventually presented with that note's “natural” harmonics, the aforementioned melody is progressively realized through time- (and thus pitch-)shifted versions of the first note of the piece, which is captured at the outset for this purpose (the score and MaxMSP patch for "Just of Temperament" are both available here). Over the course of the work, other transformations of this tone gradually take over. This process having run its course, the remainder of the melody is then presented fauxbourdon-style in counterpoint to a retrograded version of the dialogic opening.
NB - The recording above has been made with 
an electronically-processed tenor saxophone.



** For key, cf. here